Egg Yolk


I was sent this cool way to separate egg yolk from white:


egg yolk 001

So thought I’d give it a shot.

First crack egg into a small bowl.





egg yolk 002

Using a clean water bottle, ‘suck’ the egg yolk up into the bottle.

Kind of like using a dropper: squeeze the sides of the bottle, place over egg yolk, and then release the sides of the bottle. The yolked is sucked up into the bottle.



egg yolk 003

It really works!

I did find that it worked better with older eggs. I had to run out to the coop to grab a couple for a recipe that I was making, and the bottle trick didn’t work very well with the fresh eggs.



Have a great day!



Yarn Eggs

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday! Easter is next week :)

eagles, chx 009

Okay, so these sounded a whole lot cuter to make than they turned out. But thought I would share the idea with you and see if you can make them look better than we did :)





puff2baby 010

Take a water balloon and put in a piece of candy.





puff2baby 007

Since Heather can’t have most Easter candy, we opted for some pretty beads :)





puff2baby 006

Blow up balloon with candy/bead inside.





puff2baby 009

Note: water balloons are made for exploding, so tend to be kind of flimsy.

We had several that blew out or had holes.




puff2baby 004

Cut some pieces of yarn and soak them in some diluted glue. Similar to making paper mache, but using yarn rather than paper.





puff2baby 008

Wrap yarn around the water balloon.

Make sure the holes in between the yarn aren’t too big.





puff2baby 013

After the ‘eggs’ are wrapped, allow yarn/glue to dry for a couple of days.

My big helper wasn’t sure what to think of the project at this point.





eagles, chx 008

After the glue is dry, pop the balloon and pull it out through the holes, leaving the candy/bead inside.





eagles, chx 010

We had a few holes that were too big, so the beads rolled right out of the ‘eggs’.

And I should have used a stiffer glue solution. I used 50-50 water/glue. Am wondering if Modge Podge or fabric stiffener might not be a better option?


On a different note:


waffles 006

My old waffle iron gave up the ghost. It had been steadily going downhill for a while, but the last batch of chocolate waffles were such a mess that I didn’t even bother to clean the iron. It just went into the trash.




waffles 007

After some research, I found Breville waffle irons. They have a PFOA free nonstick coating, so no Teflon. Yay!

Williams-Sonoma was having a sale on them, along with a sale on Weck canning jars, so seemed like a perfect time to order :)



waffles 008So this morning, we had waffles :)

It’s SO cool! You can select temperature and browning. There is a moat around it so that waffle batter doesn’t ooze everywhere while they’re cooking. The waffles came out great :) And they are Heather approved :) She can put more maple syrup in the deep holes than in the waffles from the old iron :)


And on a completely different note: I started classes for Speech Language Pathology Assistant :) wow! So it’s a bit crazy around here :)



Always look on the bright side of life.
Monty Python






flowers, ester, round bales 020

Dale and the Penedesenca roo are enjoying the big hay bales :)

They like to pick out the clover blossoms before the sheep and goats get them :)



chx 009

Matador and his chickypoos like the hay as well :)





chx 008



Once you lick the frosting off a cupcake, it becomes a muffin and muffins are healthy. You’re welcome. -Riley



thumper, olivia, goose hen 009

Puff 2′s mohawk chicks are fully feathered now, so they got moved outside :)






thumper, olivia, goose hen 015

They weren’t quite sure what to think of this new environment :)






thumper, olivia, goose hen 020

The snow was a little bit scary. At least they kept fussing at it :)






thumper, olivia, goose hen 023

This one reminds me of Terk on Disney’s Tarzan :)






thumper, olivia, goose hen 022

Where did you bring us?







thumper, olivia, goose hen 016

This is just pretty weird.







thumper, olivia, goose hen 012

Scratch, scratch, dig, dig.

There might be something pretty interesting underneath the frozen dirt.





thumper, olivia, goose hen 017


The mohawks crack me up!






chx 002

At night they snuggled up underneath their heat lamp and were happy campers :)

I hurried out to check on them in the morning, but they were already out from under their heat lamp and ready to go exploring :)




I’ve often thought that the process of aging could be slowed down if it had to go through Congress.
George W. Bush

Geese and Goats


geese, chocolate 001

The geese were lined up at the hay feeder.






geese, chocolate 004

I didn’t know quite what to think.






geese, chocolate 006

Yep, they were eating the hay!






geese, chocolate 010

Say, this stuff is pretty tasty!






geese, chocolate 007

Ooohh-I found a really yummy piece over here!







geese, chocolate 011

I wonder if we could get up in there and swim in this yummy green stuff?







geese, chocolate 017

Kind of like eating spaghetti, but not so slippery






geese, chocolate 018

Did you steal my piece?






geese, chocolate 019

I think that was my piece!






geese, chocolate 020

Olivia, Sassyfras, Trixie Belle and Meadow all snuggled down and staying warm :)





Seen on a T-shirt: Guns don’t kill people. Dads with pretty daughters kill people.



puff2baby 046

Puff 2′s cute little brown egg hatched!






puff2baby 044

Isn’t he super cute?






puff2baby 043

Puff 2 and the little guy were busy scratching around and eating bread crumbs this morning :)






puff2baby 045

His mask reminds me of Zorro :)






puff2baby 048

He was a little bit cold running around looking for bread crumbs and was letting his Mom know it. But Puff 2 wasn’t letting him get too far away from her.





puff2baby 047

Spring started last week, what’s with the ice?






puff2baby 049

Puff 2 is very protective of her little puff.






puff2baby 050

Congratulations Puff 2  :)

Welcome to the farm, Zorro :)





Have a great weekend! Monday is Seward’s Day :)


Cat Show


heather camera 109

Over the weekend, we went to the Big Horn Outdoor show in the big city.






heather camera 115

There were lots of cool exhibits!

We signed up for lots of ‘free’ giveaways, which means we probably will get inundated with telemarketers over the next couple of weeks. But it’s hard to pass up an opportunity for a free Polaris!



heather camera 122

One of the exhibits was a Big Cat cat show, put on by Great Cats World Park based out of Cave Junction, OR.






heather camera 180

This was Malawi.

Malawi is a caracal. Apparently, they are considered a nuisance in Africa.





heather camera 176

But here, the crowd just loved the ears :)






heather camera 149

This is Dexter, a black leopard.








heather camera 151

Dexter likes to jump :)








heather camera 131

Amur leopard, I think Kirill was his name???






heather camera 130

He likes to jump, too :)







heather camera 144

This is Foxy, a white tiger.








heather camera 141

Foxy is a beautiful cat :)








heather camera 140

She likes to jump, too :)








heather camera 137

She is not yet full grown, so still likes to ‘play’ :)






heather camera 133

Geoffroy’s cat, whose name I can’t remember.

All I can remember is that her jaws are strong enough to crack open a turtle shell, and she only weighs about 4 1/2 pounds. She can also bring down 20 pound prey, which is hard to believe for as small as she is. But I’m not going to test it, either :)



heather camera 164

Malawi was very affectionate and kept rubbing up against their legs. She acted like a big house cat :)


It was a good show and Heather is still talking about it :) Their website is




While at the Outdoor show, I was able to connect with the local Project Healing Hands Fly Fishing group. This is a group that helps support vets suffering from PTSD, rape, etc. So was able to donate a bunch of nice feathers that I’ve been picking up. Here is what they wrote me:

  PHWFF has been around Nationally since 2007, but our Spokane Program
 has only been off the ground and running for the past couple of years.
  In 2012 we started with 4 Veterans and have built this number steadily
 to over 50 Veterans that we are now helping. For us to do this
 properly, we need equipment and supplies such as what you are proposing
 to donate to us.  So, for that, I thank you.

Should anyone want to contact them, their website is I really don’t know what they need for materials or mentors, other than feathers :) But you may wish to get involved and help our veterans.






Today is National Goof Off Day! Sounds like a good excuse to go fishing :)

It’s also World Water Day, which makes for an even more convincing reason to go fishing :) What better way to appreciate good, clean water? :)

pipe and drum 024

Puff I has started laying eggs :)

Puff I needs spectacles. I don’t recall ever having a chicken that was visually challenged until now. She’s not blind, but when I offer bread crumbs in the morning, she pecks wildly about trying to locate the bread crumb.


chx 006

She is now setting on two blue eggs :)

So much for her goof-off day!





chx 007

Puff 2 is also setting on one little brown egg underneath the milking stanchion :)

She’s not goofing off too much, either :)



Anyway, enjoy your water and goofing off today :) Now that I think about it, it’s 22 degrees outside. Wouldn’t it be better to have Goof Off Day in July?



thumper, olivia, goose hen 004

It was 25 degrees this morning and Olivia felt like cutting capers :)

She was jumping up one side of the platform and running down the other side :)




thumper, olivia, goose hen 008

So….just what are you doing with that little gizmo in your hands???


What are those?





thumper, olivia, goose hen 007

I’m cute!

Let me taste the gizmo!

Maybe I’ll like it better than bread crusts and raisins :)






thumper, olivia, goose hen 005

Wanna play?


Olivia is almost one year old :) She is so much fun :)






The achievement of your goal is assured the moment you commit yourself to it.
Mack Douglas